“In the SkyCab research project, an air taxi with an associated mobility concept has been developed since February 2020 for the intra-European model region between the Meuse, Rhine and Ruhr. The question of how air taxis can be a component of modern mobility planning is at the forefront of the broad project consortium led by the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. On the basis of the “mobility mission” derived from this, the new, modular SkyCab air taxi is being designed. The wishes and needs of citizens from the region are taken into account and various usage scenarios in the areas of personal transport, emergency medicine and logistics are considered.”

We had the special honor of transporting one of these new, modular air taxis “SkyCab” to Merzbrück Airport. Transporting a SkyCab is a logistical challenge that requires careful planning and preparation. We were supported by our experts from Schumacher Classics e.K., who have special knowledge and experience in the area of transporting sensitive means of transport.

At Schumacher we show great interest in innovative and future-oriented mobility planning. This effort is also reflected in our vehicle fleet, which is always state-of-the-art and most modern. We are aware that our contribution as a logistics company to changing mobility is very important, as the logistics industry has a significant influence on the transport sector. Through innovative solutions and technologies, we can help make transport more efficient, more environmentally friendly and sustainable and thus make an important contribution to the energy transition and advance the implementation of modern technologies.