The Barmer Health Day is an annual event organized by the Barmer health insurance company. It takes place in various cities in Germany and aims to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our trainees took part in the Barmer Health Day in Aachen on June 5, 2024. The event was held in the versatile sports and leisure location “Die Halle“.

The hall offers a variety of activities that are both fun and promote health. These include bouldering, beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach badminton, a Ninja Warrior Parkour, trampolines and much more.

In addition to the sporting activities, there was a culinary component where our trainees and students came together at tables with our trainers to prepare healthy food together. Under expert guidance, they prepared healthy dishes that were not only delicious but also nutritious. At the same time, an informative lecture on healthy nutrition took place. An expert in this field explained the basics of a balanced diet and gave valuable tips on how to integrate healthy eating habits into everyday life.

Another special highlight of this year’s event was the presence of national volleyball player Michael Andrei. He achieved remarkable successes with the national team, including third place at the World Championship and the runner-up title at the European Championship. Michael Andrei was available to answer questions from our trainees and dual students and supported our team with various tasks.

The health day is the perfect opportunity to discover new sporting activities and thus improve your fitness. Our team particularly appreciated the valuable information on healthy eating.

This special day is an opportunity for us to strengthen our trainee and student team and to promote cooperation and getting to know each other.