National transports
National transports

As a transport company, the forwarding companyJosef Schumacher Tiefkühl Frischdienst Logistic e.K. from Aachen specializes in the areas of refrigerated transport and the handling and planning of refrigerated goods.

International Forwarding Company
International transports

Europe-wide transport of high-quality and sensitive goods in the food sector is just as much a part of the range of services offered by the international forwarding company, as is the handling of export freight.

Mallorca Logistics

Mallorca Logispeed S.L. is the contact for safe transports and extensive logistics services between all of Europe and the Balearic Islands for private and business customers, as well as for transports and storage on Mallorca.

Warehouse logistics

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of temperature-controlled storage, Schumacher Lager & Logistik GmbH can convince with outstanding properties such as quick decisions and flexibility.

Luxembourg Logistics

Schumacher Logistik Luxemburg GmbH specializes in Europe-wide transport in the temperature-controlled area, as well as transport in accordance with GDP conditions, event logistics and orchestra transport.