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Familiy company

since 1931

Spedition Schumacher seit 1931

The forwarding company Josef Schumacher, Tiefkühl-Frischdienst-Logistic e.K. was founded in 1931 in Aachen by Josef Schumacher as a transport company. The transport business initially consisted of simple transports in the Aachen region. Soon, however, the first, more complex services were added.

Today the company is a well-positioned, medium-sized logistics service provider for frozen food and fresh products as well as confectionery logistics, which, in addition to traditional logistical areas such as national and Europe-wide transport, handling and storage, is particularly known for its expertise in the field of fresh food logistics.

In the field of confectionery logistics, the company has distinguished itself in particular through the development and operation of individual, tailor-made solutions for complex logistical requirements, such as warehouse management or co-packing. With around 280 employees, around 300 refrigerated trucks and around 120,000 m² of managed logistics space, the Schumacher freight forwarder is one of the leading providers not only in the region around Aachen.

Services at a glance

The forwarding company has access to a fleet of over 300 refrigerated trucks, which are used nationally and internationally in Europe-wide long-distance transport.

  • Contract logistics / system logistics
  • Handling of goods (approx. 800,000 pallets per year)
  • Storage of (temperature-dependent) products
  • Co-packing
  • Overseas container loading
  • Shrinkage of trade items
  • Packing and pricing
  • Inventories
  • IT-supported materials management according to the FIFO principle
  • BBD monitoring and batch tracking
  • EAN code creation and management
  • Automatic order integration
  • Order management and feedback
  • Inventory management and comparison
  • Distribution of goods
Schumacher LKW an den Rampen

Schumacher Digital

In all process steps – Schumacher security!

Track & Trace

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Door contact monitoring
  • Location monitoring based on GPS
  • Monitoring of driving and rest times
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Fuel control
  • Individual alarm settings
  • Around the clock, 365 days a year


With the help of our telematics solution, we can control and track our fleet, keep track of driving and rest times of the driving staff, save fuel, use digital documents and simplify communication between our disposition team and the driver. In addition, the digital data are a valuable instrument for controlling, fleet management and accounting and serve as the basis for determining the arrival date of a vehicle to the minute – one of the most important levers for optimal route planning and highly efficient order processing.

Planing & Report

By reducing the amount of information, services can be better planned and prioritized.


Create clarity

Relevant content will be integrated into the process using result-oriented KPIs.



The results that the KPIs show enable measures to be taken. The quality of important decisions is increased.


Plan the future

Knowledge based on the results of the KPIs is the basis for further corporate planning. A simulation of risks and scenarios is also possible.