IFS Logistics certification: A guarantee of quality and safety at the Schumacher forwarding company since 2012

The IFS Logistics certificate is an internationally recognized standard from the International Featured Standards” (IFS), which assesses the quality and safety of logistics activities. This standard covers aspects such as transport, storage, distribution and loading and unloading. It is aimed at logistics companies and helps to meet the growing demands for transparency and traceability, thereby increasing customers’ trust in the professionalism and sense of responsibility in handling their products.


For Schumacher the IFS Logistics certificate means continuous confirmation of our high quality and safety standards. Our certification was carried out for the first time in 2012 in the scope of “Storage, handling and transport of packaged foods in the temperature-controlled range between 2-6°C and frozen transport of packaged foods”. Since then, certification has been carried out annually in our company in the scope of “transport of packaged food in wholesale and retail containers in both the unrefrigerated, chilled and frozen sectors as well as for the transport of non-food items for retailers” and is always met at a higher level .


With the founding of Schumacher Lager und Logistik GmbH, the scope of “handling and storage of packaged foods in the refrigerated area (dairy products, confectionery, drinks) and packaging materials as well as co-packing of confectionery (e.g. packing of assortment boxes)” has been separately assessed and certified since 2017.

Qualified IFS auditors who work for independent accredited certification bodies such as TÜV NORD CERT carry out the audits. These auditors ensure an objective and accurate assessment of our logistics processes. The IFS standards are recognized by the national accreditation body DAkkS in Germany as well as by the European Accreditation (EA) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). The DAkkS checks the conformity of private standards such as the IFS with the accreditation rules.

With certification according to the IFS Logistics Standard by TÜV NORD, we contribute to the complete safety of food, hygiene and care products between manufacturing and trading companies. Our common goal with trade and industry is to create transparency and trust across the entire supply chain. We consistently implement the IFS Logistics Standard when handling both food and non-food products.

With the IFS Logistics certificate we prove that we are able to manage increasingly complex supply chains and maintain the highest standards. This strengthens our business relationships as we can guarantee compliance with these standards at a high level to our customers who insist on independent audits.