SPEDITION SCHUMACHER – “Schumacher – your employer for a healthy future!”

At Schumacher, we believe in a good work-life balance and actively promote a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle for our employees. That’s why we’re proud to offer company bike leasing as part of our service package.

What is company bike leasing? It is an innovative way to commute to work with a high-quality bicycle and at the same time benefit from attractive tax advantages. Our employees can purchase the bike of their choice, including accessories, through a monthly salary conversion. This not only gives you access to first-class bikes, but also does something good for your health and the environment and even benefits from tax advantages and an improved working environment at the same time.

At Schumacher we understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle that combines health, environmental awareness and work performance. That’s why, together with our partner Bikeleasing GmbH & Co.KG from Uslar, we offer our employees the opportunity to use a company bike – an innovative solution for sustainable mobility and personal well-being.

As an employer, we are also happy to support our team in actively doing something about their fitness and at the same time making a contribution to environmental protection.

What does this mean for our employees:

  • Health in focus: use cycling to improve fitness and reduce stress.
  • Traveling in an environmentally conscious way: use the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport and thus make a contribution to climate protection.
  • Tax relief: With the attractive tax regulations of the company bike concept, our employees save money.
  • Flexible and convenient: make your commute to work individual and stress-free.

We are proud to offer our employees the opportunity to manage their commute in a healthy way. Many colleagues have already accepted the offer – to come to work flexibly and sustainably, without having to forego comfort and quality!